You wouldn’t simply throw some wood and paint together and expect an exceptional building to appear, would you? Nope. You’d sit down with an architect and draw out a blueprint for a building that meets your needs.

Why would you build the website that will house your organization’s brand any differently? Here is an outline of our design and development process. You should also know what to expect when working with us.


Discovery and Research

Your online presence should align with your brand just as any other audience-focused campaign would. Through our client survey and initial meeting, we will work with you to discover:

  • Who do you want your website to reach?
  • What URL do you want to secure for your site?
  • What do you want users to gain from your website?
  • What do you want to project about your organization?
  • Who are your competitors/inspirations and what is their web strategy?

Strategy and Concept Development

Our team will help you review your existing content and determine any missing materials. We will also help you create a content inventory. This will help everyone involved better understand:

  • Your site’s information architecture/navigational structure
  • If any content is redundant, outdated or trivial (ROT)
  • Who’s responsible for maintaining different pieces of information on your site
  • The way your users will interact with and navigate your site


We will use your survey results and content inventory to develop an audience-centered design. You will receive website wireframes that illustrate the layout of your homepage and sub-pages, including:

  • Header of your site, including any logo placement
  • Main navigation and secondary navigation
  • Different features in the main body of your site
  • University-branded footer of your site

Building and Implementation

Upon receiving your reviewed content along with your approval of the website mock-up, we will:

  • Develop and stylize your page templates
  • Build out your site’s navigational directories
  • Flow your copy, images, etc. onto their respective pages
  • Set up your meta data (search keywords and description) and Google Analytics
  • Provide client training for the Hannon Hill Cascade content management system (CMS)

Deployment and Launch

During the final stages of your website’s development we will work with you to:

  • Test and retest all links and interactive aspects
  • Employ Cross-browser compatibility testing
  • Address up any unfinished design elements/bugs
  • Review your final product internally during a “soft launch” period
  • Push the site live to your desired URL