The (NEW) Office of Web Communications

by Ash on December 4th, 2012

So a few months ago we moved one floor down from our previous location and we are absolutely loving the new pad.  After weeks of flinging slingshot monkeys across the room and pelting each other with foam darts and such, we’re finally settling in. It’s a much-needed upgrade from the crowded space upstairs and the borrowed furniture from surplus (note: we were thankful to even have furniture, so it wasn’t that bad). We all have sleek, new furniture from AllSteel and desk space to call our own.

Check out a some of the personalization our team has done so far:

We even held a “SysAdmin Appreciation Day” breakfast in our new conference area:

Matt's Tinfoil Fishtank Office

And, of course, we added our own touch to Matt’s “fishtank” of an office:

 Matt's Tinfoil Fishtank Office

The best part of it – it will expand to fit our needs as we continue to grow. Check out the video below for all the possibilities.



FIU Web Communications is a full service web team that provides support and consulting for departments at FIU. If you need help in implementing any of your web needs, please contact us.

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  1. robert permalink

    It looks awesome guys!

  2. Absolutely LOVE the monkeys! I have monkeys in my office as well… :)

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