FIU Web best practices – Part 4: Advertising

by mherzber on March 9th, 2012

For part 4 of FIU web best practices we will cover:


The use of FIU web pages (especially any “.edu” sites)to advertise for, or link to a commercial site is generally prohibited. Any such advertising or link must receive advance written approval from the Vice President and Chief Information Officer and the Vice President for External Relations.  In addition any such advertising or link requires approval by the Provost and Executive Vice President (in academic areas), or the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (in administrative areas).  Approval will be considered only if:

  • the purpose of the advertising or link is consistent with the university mission,
  • the advertising or link is essential to the purpose of the site, and
  • the advertising or link does not imply university endorsement of the product or service.

Because of the numerous business, legal and policy issues that arise in connection with the sale of advertising on university web space, only the following units of the university may place advertising on their websites:

  • Athletics (
  • FIU Alumni Association (

In the units listed above, such advertising must be approved by the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and the Vice President for Advancement, respectively. All such advertising must also be discussed with the Vice President for External Relations.

Recognizing Corporate Supporters on the Web
  • From time to time, the University enters into sponsorship arrangements with corporate entities for the the purpose of fundraising or underwriting of events or programs and the like.  Each unit must abide by the specific requirements that may apply to the disclosure of such sponsorship agreement or underwriting. In general, units that enter into approved sponsorship arrangements may provide limited sponsorship recognition on their web pages in the form of a link that includes the Sponsor’s name, a static logo, a short factual description of the the Supporter’s relationship with the University, and a link to the Supporter’s home page.
  • Links may only point to the Supporter’s corporate or main home page or a page developed specifically for the Sponsor’s relationship with the University.
  • Links to retail pages (other than the Supporter’s corporate home page) are prohibited
  • A University web page must not contain (1) a comparative or qualitative description of a Sponsor’s or Underwriter’s products, (2) price information or any other indications of savings or value regarding such products, or (3) any message that endorses such products or induces one to purchase or use such products.

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